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New Zealand

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New Zealand is lovely. That’s probably not news. I expected it to be lovely. What surprised me was this. Many countries--including our own--have lovely places. What was enlightening was that beauty was the norm in New Zealand.It wasn’t just a few places. It was a lot of places. And the beauty was enhanced by friendly, relaxed people. Again, it was not a surprise that there’s very good wine in New Zealand. What was a bit of surprise was how much there wasof it. Sauvignon blancs, of course. But NZ wine is about far more than just sauvignon blanc. Lots of good pinot--some from well known wineries like Felton Road and Carrick…others from pleasant surprises like Desert Heart. And thereare good syrahs and Bordeaux blends. If you like wines and you like beautiful places…New Zealand must be on your bucket list.

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