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This wine blog is intended to promote dialogue about interesting wines, wine people, and wine places. It includes discussion of the wine roads of the world as well as a focus on the DC, Virginia wine scene. Constructive comments are encouraged. Rude or offensive comments are not welcome.


Suggestions as to wines, wine people, or wine places I should explore are highly encouraged.  But the decision as to what I find interesting enough to write about must necessarily be mine. Similarly, a list of DC wine events is maintained to help share awareness of interesting events with people in the area but the judgment as to what qualifies as interesting for the purposes of this blog will be mine. I encourage you to share information about upcoming wine-related events via email.


I do not use a rating scale in discussing wines. Rating scales provide useful shorthand for critics who are obligated to review and comment on hundreds of wines. I will only comment on wines I find interesting—by definition, a considerably smaller number—and it’s my job to convey what I find interesting or exciting about them.


I welcome opportunities to visit sites, meet people, and taste wines.  I tend to give priority to smaller, family-owned wineries that are committed to quality. There are certainly large wineries that are committed to quality as well—but Chateau Haut-Brion and Ridge, as two examples, are likely well known to most of you already and probably don’t really need my comments (though I have been to both and enjoyed them).


Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit TheWineO. I’m passionate about wine and excited about the opportunity to discuss it with you.


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