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I am a wine lover.  That’s really the point.  It’s hardly unique—there are many of us...likely including you.  


I’ve been passionate about wine for a number of years—but I’ve also been passionate about my jobs, which, along with my family, were the focus of most of my time and energy.  I spent the first 29 years of my professional life serving in the US Air Force, retiring as a major general.  I spent the next 11 years working for a major aerospace company, retiring as an international VP and international subsidiary president.  I was very fortunate—both were great organizations, with great people.  Both required extensive travel.  So far, I’ve visited 58 countries and have enjoyed getting to know people and cultures around the world.  


When the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve 2011, that professional life came to an end.  I am now consulting...on business and on wine, with more control over my time and focus.  I’ve been fortunate enough to visit 36 major wine regions to date—but that has just left me wanting to do more.  I'm continuing my wine education.  I  received WSET's Advanced Certificaton (with Distinction) and I spent time in 2012 and 2013 as a harvest intern in Napa.  And I look forward to visiting regions that I have not yet experienced… and to exploring in more depth many of those that I have. 


I plan to write about those places, those people, and those wines that I find most interesting.  And for the convenience and situational awareness of those in the DC area, I’ll maintain a listing of the events that I think might be interesting.  I look forward to the adventure—and to sharing it with you.  



John Brooks

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